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How To Check For Admin Rights Using VBScript

I needed to write a vbscript that would check whether interactive users had admin rights before running its course. So, how do you check for elevated permissions using vbscript? I had a few ideas in mind but I decided to do some Googling anyway. I searched the web far and wide but couldn’t find anything ideal. I came across many solutions including: Checking whether the user was in the local admins group. Running certain Windows utilities, such as defrag, openfiles, or net (net session). Attempting to access files, folders, registry keys, or registry values restricted to only admins. I...

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How To Launch Applications On Remote Systems… Like A Ninja

Are you familiar with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)? It’s a core component of the Windows operating system and a technology that enables you to manage your systems more effectively. One way you can tap into its power is by using Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC). Honestly, I ignored this tool for many years. But now I consider it one of the most powerful utilities that come pre-installed with Windows because you can run commands like this… wmic /NODE:{COMPUTER} /FAILFAST:1000 PATH Win32_Process CALL Create ‘{PROGRAM} {ARGS}’ With this simple one liner you can run any program on a remote system with...

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One Thing Group Policy Desperately Needs

Many companies depend on Group Policy (GP) for delivering stuff, such as security settings, configurations, software, and etc. When I think of “delivery,” I think of the mailman. After pondering on this a bit, I started to realize GP is no different from the postal service. To show the similarities I’ll use an analogy. A mother writes to each of her children. In the letter, she provides instructions for completing an online survey for their upcoming family reunion. She puts the letters in envelopes and then heads to the post office. Since her children are such great kids, she...

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Group Policy Should Steal From SCCM

In a previous blog post, I explained that Group Policy (GP) desperately needs reporting and that such a feature should work similar to the postal service’s delivery confirmation. In this post, I will discuss what I believe the reporting should look like.  And I won’t have to paint a picture with words for you to visualize this because it already exists today… in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). SCCM is Microsoft’s systems management software that enables administrators to manage workstations through the IT lifecycle. It has many features. The one feature that is of interest here is the reporting...

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